About Us

I’m Helen Hall, editor and chief webmaster of this site.

But I’m not alone because there are three of us in this project.  Sammy and Pete are my co-conspirators and together we decided to find out more about big data and how we can use it to make more money.

We teamed together with our friends from www.HorshamTreeSurgeons.co.uk to do a case study and to see how much business we could derive from the data we could collect locally.

It’s my belief that once we start aggresively collecting data, it will snowball. Perhaps not fast, but over time. After all people share things a lot on social media so that could bring us more names if we do things in a clever and user-friendly way.

Initially we’re doing this for a one-year period and will be charting our progress here. That is if I don’t get too busy putting all the plans into place! But it will be nice to have everything documented so we can look back and see how far we get when we re-evaluate everything in 2017.