Big Data Case Study

I’ve been working with a local company here in Horsham, helping them to collect data to boost their business.

They are a tree surgery business called Horsham Tree Surgeons and we’re going to document how they go about collecting data and then how they use it to aid their marketing efforts.  Check out their website to see how we’ve put a contact form on every single page, and also scattered their phone number throughout every page. We don’t want to miss any leads!

It is imperative that businesses understand how valuable data is to them.

Most businesses collect some sort of data – maybe email addresses or phone numbers or perhaps just names. This needs to be done methodically and kept securely. And not only that, it needs to be used appropriately to market to these people. A list is a goldmine for a business, so I’m going to explain how to go about collecting data, organising it and using it to build a business.

This is a case study for Horsham Tree Surgeons and I’m sure we’ll make mistakes along the way, miss opportunities and annoy a few people! But at least we’re doing something with all that information and hopefully it will be successful in boosting their business.

It will probably take a while to test everything so just check back as often as you can to see how we’re getting on and to learn how you can use big data for your business.

Don’t let this goldmine slip through your fingers!

Horsham Tree Surgeons website