You Tube

One of the ways we are driving traffic to the website is via our new Youtube video for Horsham Tree Surgeons

Horsham Tree Surgeons Youtube video

You can watch the video by clicking on the link. We made it to announce the launch of our new website. Then we uploaded it to Youtube.

We used Screencast-o-matic to make the video. It’s very simple free video recording software. You can record anything that comes within the computer screen. It’s very easy to use, although it isn’t easy to get the voice-over right!  I tried several times before I got something that was acceptable.

All you do, once the software is loaded, is click to start recording, then you can move the cursor around the screen and change tabs whenever you like. It’s pretty intuitive and I think it’s quite effective.

Not sure final result was exactly professional, but the idea is to try to create a little publicity for the website and drive more customers there. Time will tell whether that will work.

In the Youtube description, I added a link to the website, so I’m hoping that anyone who sees the video will click on the link. And we are hoping that the video will also appear somewhere on search engines so perhaps that may drive some traffic too. Everything is a long-shot but I’ll be explaining soon what we’re doing with social media.

The ultimate aim is to get people to enter their details on the website so we can market to them on an ongoing basis. I reckon about 4 times a year would be good, so we could send out useful information at the beginning of spring, summer, autumn and winter. I believe it’s very beneficial to keep the company name in front of people so they think of them first when looking for tree surgery.