Directory Listings

We want Horsham Tree Surgeons to be found all over the internet so we’re finding business directories and entering their details.

There are hundreds of directories in the UK alone and must be thousands worldwide. We’ll stick mainly to local ones, although we may go for others if they come up.

As it’s such a laborious task, we’re outsourcing this directory listing to a company that does it for peanuts. Such a relief since each one takes several minutes. I really don’t know how they can do it so cheap – probably paying people on the sub-continent to do it for a crust.

The idea is to drive people to the website, which will offer something that people want. We haven’t worked out what exactly!  But it will be a digital download – a short book of some sort. We’ve thought about planting tips or preparing your trees for the winter or different trees to plant for a hedge. Or perhaps we should have several different options so more people sign up.

That’s what this exercise is all about – collecting data for future marketing  Once you have email addresses you can email – pretty obvious but it’s surprising how many business owners are sitting on piles of data that they never use. It’s like throwing £10 notes into the wind.

And it’s not just for marketing tree surgery, think of the potential. What about marketing a book about tree pruning, or promoting a special offer on gardening gloves or loppers?  The possibilities are endless and there could even be a partner commerce website to go alongside We’re full of good marketing ideas and this case study is enabling us to experiment with different ways to collect the data to make the marketing possible.

It’s my view that once you get the ball rolling, it will take on a life of its own.  We shall see.  Really need something that will go viral.  Now there’s a thought.