A draw

We decided to hold a prize draw in an endeavour to collect business cards.

Our investigations showed that men were more likely to choose a tree surgeon than women so we wanted to appeal to them so they’d be more likely to drop their cards in our fishbowl.

After racking our brains, we decided to come up with some great prizes of holidays to theme parks. We figured that even if the guys entering the draw weren’t interested for themselves, it would probably appeal to their children or grandchildren.

It was pretty successful and the guy that won second prize even blogged about us here.

As expected, we found that lots of people were willing to hand over their details so we increased our database by several hundred. The jury’s still out on whether it was value for money though, as it was a pretty expensive exercise. Luckily we had contacts who arranged the holidays for a reduced rate, but even so the costs ran into thousands.

On the plus side, we did get some work from the two top winners – we think they felt obliged – and it did gain us some valuable publicity in the local papers, which would have been costly if we’d had to pay for it.

We decided that the key to running a prize draw is to have something valuable and unusual as the prize, which grabs attention and assures some publicity afterwards.  A  run-of-the-mill type of prize just wouldn’t have been so successful.